High School Menus

All meals include a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable choices, and a variety of chilled non-fat or low-fat milk. Additionally, we offer locally-grown items whenever seasonally available.

On the Menu

April 2022 

    PAHS-Lincoln HS

May 2022

      PAHS 2022-May-PAHS


June 2022

      PAHS 2022-June-PAHS


SY 2022-2023

September 2022

HS-MS Breakfast-2022-09Sep-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2022-09Sep-HS Menu

Lincoln-2022-09SEP-Lincoln Menu

October 2022

HS-MS Breakfast-2022-10Oct-BFAST HS-MS Menu 

PAHS-2022-10Oct-HS Menu

Lincoln-2022-10Oct-Lincoln Menu

November 2022

HS-MS Breakfast-2022-11Nov-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2022-11Nov-HS Menu

Lincoln-2022-10Nov-Lincoln Menu

December 2022

PAHS-2022-12Dec-HS Menu

Lincoln-2022-12Dec-Lincoln Menu

January 2023

HS-MS Breakfast-2023-Jan-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2023-01Jan-HS Menu

Lincoln-2023-01Jan-Lincoln Menu

February 2023

HS-MS Breakfast-2023-Feb-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2023-02Feb-HS Menu

Lincoln-2023-02FEb-Lincoln Menu

March 2023

HS-MS Breakfast-2023-Mar-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2023-03Mar-HS Menu

Lincoln-2023-03Mar-Lincoln Menu

April 2023

HS-MS Breakfast-2023-Apr-BFAST HS-MS Menu

PAHS-2023-04Apr-HS Menu

Lincoln-2023-04Apr-Lincoln Menu

Nutritional Information: 

For individual recipe nutrition Information. Contact the Food Service Office: 360-565-1940/1941 or email: mjanderson@portangelesschools.org